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    Cap 90 | iSRO Rates & Features
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    Silk Items for free!
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    Societys Rev6 Features
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    Societys Weekly Lottery
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Hello Community,
we will annouce the Winners of the Event as soon as Cubex has choosen them.

Furthermore I want to inform you, that Society will stay Online as a Long Term Project no matter what happens.
Our main Point was from the beginning, to offer you a Long Term low Rated Server Project.

The donates we collect are used to pay the fees for our dedicated Server, domain and Webserver.

Currently Tripple Silk is in Progress (10 July -> 14. July).
For each Payment you will receive 3x Silk Amount in this Period.

We apologize for not beeing Ingame that much, we try to handle and fix everything asap.
As long as we are online there was just a single downtime this Weekend, and this happend due to unreachability of me because I was not at my Hometime at this moment.

I have set up a Monitoring now which informs me instant if one or more Modules are Offline.
So the "next downtime" wont take the Server offline for so long time as the last one.

Please understand that me and Cubex are leading this Project besides we are working and studying. We do not achiev any profits from the Money we are collecting via donates.
Everything is stored to keep the Server online as long as possible.

On real iSRO there wasnt any events hold by GMs or smth. We added our EventBot with some basic Events to, but all in all our Servers aim is:

The journey is the reward, and when you reach your destination, it starts all over again.

Hopefully some of you will understand that we are not able to afford that many hours of working that other Servers can offer.
But we can offer a fair, stable and balanced Server which gives you a kind of oldschool feeling.

If there will be more population we can offer and release Patches of course.

Thanks to our Loyal Members and yes, we will release the Winners of the Sharing Event as soon as Cubex has time to draw the winners by.


Author: [GM]Chief

Dear SocietySRO Players,

today we finally finished our Official Trailer for our Server. To celebrate this great work we would like to start an event with great prices.

How to participate?

You only have to share our trailer as much as possible via Facebook. Your place depends on how many Views/Likes you got.

Heres the Facebook link for our Trailer:



Not using Facebook?

NO PROBLEM! you can download our trailer and upload it on your youtube channel.

  • https://www.file-upload.net/download-12544838/SocietySRO.rar.html
  • https://mega.nz/#!eN1WXBiD!hwaV2aX_DCVK_XYcJORrIbA1mV4Apv07-FWPdEW_7iA
  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4OaZ_OrvhJSYlJuTFF2TnZjUDA


Event Start 09/06/2017

Deadline 01/07/2017



  1. 1500 Silks
  2. 1300 Silks
  3. 1100 Silks
  4. 900 Silks
  5. 700 Silks
  6. 500 Silks
  7. 300 Silks
  8. 200 Silks
  9. 100 Silks
  10. 100 Silks


We wish you a happy sharing.

// SocietySRO Staff Team

Author: [GM]Cubex

Hello SocietySRO,

due the big demand and suggestions from players and to keep you all updated as much as possible with our updates and future plans, we will release an overview with some points which we would like to edit/change (gonna work on it this weekend).


  • vote4silks
  • publish our official societysro trailer
  • sharing events with prices (social media)
  • every sunday events (we gonna manage them)
  • increase 9dg droprate 1X to 2X, except last tier item parts, they will stay on 1X (Lv.85-90)
  • increase monster spawnrate of some monsters (flowers, ishade, hashade, etc..)
  • increase elixirdroprate 1X to 1.5X
  • move the first treasurebox to the second one
  • add new avatars (suggestion)
  • add new items to our Society Special NPC Shop - dont worry we wont add sox items, we are an oldschool server, not a coin-based server (suggestion)
  • some hotfixes (quests, r.m quests add more exp/sp, media pk2, etc..)



Best Regards,

Cubex & Chief

Author: [GM]Cubex

Dear Community,
the first Week almost passed by.

Some facts:
- Not a single unplanned Downtime nor lags or performance Issues appeared
- fixed critical and less critical Bugs on time after getting reported in
- there is a total of 619 Accounts
- a lot of Suggestions are already published
- Vote has been applied (but its still not working properly; a compensation regarding our Webshop will be applied due to the delayed vote4silk feature)
- Bandit Fortress-War is enabled and ready for beeing occupied.
- Our Elitepvpers Thread is active and pushed by the community frequently which helps us a lot.

Thank you for all of your Support.

Author: [GM]Chief

Dear Community,
our planned opening will be on 1st June 06.15pm UTC+1 (Standard Server-Time).
We added a Countdown to our Char-Signaturs so we can insure that noone will miss the Opening Date.

Furthermore we wish to thank every Beta-Player who reported bugs or published Suggestions.

I wish everyone a smooth and funny start. Stay clean. Stay fair. Have fun!

Author: [GM]Chief

Currently we are working on our EPVPers Thread and to complete our Guides.

Author: [GM]Chief

A Beta Client has been added to our Download Area. Currently we offer MEGA!, GoogleDrive and FilesFM.
With this Client you're be able to join our Gameservers.

Author: Society 2k17

Dear Folkes,
we are proud to present a Cap 90 Server based on Joymax' Cap 90 Times.
Some Edits are done, but all in all there'll be no overedited retarded features.

We hope you enjoy our 100% responsive and innovative Website.

Feel free to let us know if something wents wrong.
Downloads will be released asap.

Thank you!

Author: Society 2k17

Server Infos